Your favourite builder

The best and the humble:

Incidentally, my best builder is not the one who makes the best skyscrapers and trophy architectural buildings. The builder in my view who is the best is someone who helps the have nots with housing needs.

There is so much more to do

There are arguments that that is the government’s job and that we as individuals cannot really do much. At the most how many houses can one sponsor in a lifetime, one, may be five or ten?

The game is not about numbers but about intention:

When you want to really do something good, you will find the means to do it no matter what. This philosophy has always been the guiding light in my life. Every time I am faced with an adversity, I ask myself quietly what I want to do. Once I am clear about my actions, it is out of experience that I say that miraculously the path gets cleared. It is as if even Providence is with you in the good deed that you intend to do.

The builder of my dreams:

When a builder can leave his own fancy work desk and snazzy glass façade office and come and work at grass root levels and that is the best builder. There are so many people on the road, look around to see. Homeless, been there’s but we walk past them parting with a bill and we think that we have done our bit!

The day when there are no homeless!

My dream is to be able to walk around the streets and not find even a single homeless or an urchin trembling in the cold. The day when everyone has four walls to call their own and a roof which makes them thank their lord for. That is definitely not too much to ask for!