Things that were at the back of my mind when I started out

Long ago, when people asked me why I chose to do Civil Engineering, I could never do justice to the question...

Things that were at the back of my mind when I started out

Long ago, when people asked me why I chose to do Civil Engineering, I could never do justice to the question. There were so many things that were at the back of my mind when I started out.

My college academics:

I have always been a very good student and more than grades that I am talking about here is that I had the spirit to try and understand beyond the book and the written word. Perhaps that is why I could never answer to my satisfaction as to why I decided to become a builder. A lot of people were not convinced too.

My dad’s garage:

Every night I use to be by my fathers who would mandatorily spend time in his garage every day after he had finished his day job and dinner. As I sat beside him seeing him passionately study the various catalogues and then creating so many DIYs around the house, it sparked the fire inside me to be an inventor, a person who creates something enormously amazing from humble and drab things.

The days that carved me:

I like to think that those were the days that carved me. I would be lost in this world of creating something new every evening with my dad. When in high school, my dad passed away and I found myself in severe depression.

For three years after that time was lost in space. I got disinterested in studies and I spent a lot of time in and out of the doctor’s clinics. I was being treated for clinical depression and the doctors were trying very hard to snap me out of it.

One evening as usual:

At around that time, mum’s dining table that dad had built gave away and even though she did not say anything about it, I dragged it to dad’s garage where I knew the tools for repairing were kept and started mending the table. That my friends, was my Eureka moment!

Dad saved me!

Clutching dad’s hammer and the nails that he once carefully browsed through gave me the courage again to lift myself up. It was as if daddy’s soul was right there in the garage waiting for me to come there and take a little help from him.

That night I worked and slept on the huge dining table that I was repairing. Next morning, the entire household would be shocked to see me breaking off that invisible shell. I was well on my way to recovery. This was my providence’s call for choosing to be good over the rest. I wanted to be so strong that I was in a position to help the meek.

I excelled in college:

My grades soared and much to the chagrin of my competitor, I bagged the best boy award and came out first in almost all subjects except language! You see my language was indeed queerly strange and I could never really bring myself to memorize the Bard!

The time to choose my calling:

I had wanted to do mechanics as my major to study but at the last minute I opted to study to become a builder. Why?!

There was a huge earthquake in the nearby state that summer and I had got roped in for the rescue service. Even though not much of life was lost, a lot and I mean lot of property was damaged. The neighborhood was poor and so we boys decided to volunteer and make them temporary shelters till help from the federal government came in.

That was when I decided:

Building modest homes for the tragedy struck people was indeed very morally uplifting. I saw the pain on their faces when they realized that they had lost their all and then when they saw their temporary structures, their faces glowed with radiance of hope and it seemed to them that not everything was lost yet, not just yet!

Life is for living to the last:

Over the years as a builder, I have made thousands of structures, and mostly homes and I have consciously noticed that same glow on people’s faces when you congratulate them and hand them over the keys to their most prized possessions – their homes! For more update visit this site.

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